Wednesday, 19 November 2008

Burcott Mill

Sharon took her class on an away-day to Burcott Mill last week and brought back some spelt flour.
The spelt itself is grown at Sharpham Park, and is ground at Burcott Mill (near Wells) using their watermill.

I made a loaf in the breadmaker, mixing the spelt with Dove's white bread flour. Breadmaking, especially when using a breadmaker is the only time I think you can taste the difference in organic and non-organic produce. I set the breadmaker to a wholemeal programme, and because it had quite a light texture next time I will use less white flour.
There's nothing new about spelt, it is an ancient crop, a cousin of wheat, with an almost 'nutty' taste, especially when used for pastry. I know you can get spelt flour from the supermarket these days, but if you want it straight from the miller the address is The Mill is open for tours at the weekends in the summer.