Tuesday, 17 August 2010

The Blackbirds have Flown.

Walking into the garden yesterday evening the scent from our night-scented stocks was wonderful, (and today the bees are loving them), but there was no rustling in the hedges, the last blackbird had flown.

I’m pretty sure that the blackbirds have reared three broods this year, and until a few days ago an extremely well grown youngster was keeping the male bird very busy with it’s incessant demands for food, I was becoming pretty well-trained myself, rushing out with bird seed when the squeaking got too urgent.

Ready to leave the nest

The blackbirds always stake out their claim (they are very territorial) to our garden early in the year. I believe they are one of the earliest garden birds to start nest-building. There has been a pair nesting somewhere in our small walled garden every year for the last 15 years and they give us so much enjoyment. Sometimes the sparrows join them to nest in the ivy, because of the high walls we are very rarely visited by cats, who have to come accross the roof to gain access. Sad to think that Summer is coming to an end.


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