Sunday, 22 August 2010

Talented Friends

I'm so privileged to have such talented friends, here is some work from three of them who haven't appeared in this blog before.

Isabel made this lovely little vase especially for the sweet peas we grow each year.

Here she is on a painting day, she taught Art for a number of years,  a versatile and well-known potter, she is also a talented watercolour artist.

How many people get a hand-drawn postcard? Thank you, Caroline.  Both she and her husband travel with their sketch books. Very different styles, both brilliant. See more on An Eye for Detail. Perhaps we'll see more of Caroline's water colours on there soon?

A much more long term prospect are Pat's beautiful bonsai trees, grown by her from their beginnings.

These photos were taken on rather a dull day, Pat was about to move house and find new homes for these growing works of art. I loved them all so much I didn't want them to escape my photographic clutches!

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