Thursday, 19 August 2010

Those Careless Mammoths

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In yesterday’s newspaper...

Woolly mammoths killed off by climate change after ice age

Climate change rather than the hunting skills of early Man killed off the last of the woolly mammoths, a study has suggested.

It was thought that mankind or the impact of a giant comet led to the demise of the ice age beasts around 20,000 years ago.

But the Durham University study, the most comprehensive to date, found woolly mammoths were forced from their grassland habitat by the spread of forests as the climate warmed after the last ice age. Modern species could experience a similar fate if global warming was allowed to continue, it warned.

Prof Brian Huntly said: “We believe that the loss of food supplies, from productive grassland was the major contributing factor to the extinction of these mega-mammals”

And the quick as a flash reply in today’s letters page, sent by Ella Hatfield, from Skipton, North Yorkshire.

Mammoth energy use.

Oh, the wicked mammoths killed off by climate change. They brought it upon themselves with their profligate use of light bulbs. When will the world ever learn?

Thank heavens for our wonderful sense of humour!!!

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